How to Handle Peer Pressure Fairfax County Public Schools

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Drug use is a necessary prerequisite to drug misuse and substance use disorders, making it a key risk factor. A 2020 study estimates that in 2016, 11.6% of adult drug users had problematic drug use or an addiction. The same study also found that students with higher resistance to peer influence were less likely to modify their behavior to match the perceived behavior of their peers. Taking on the role of teacher with people you feel the most relaxed with may not be the easiest task, but again, achieving the bigger goal can serve as motivation. And if you are vaccinated, make it clear that you will re-enter society on your own time in a way that is both safe and beneficial to your mental health. Particularly in groups that may include both vaccinated and unvaccinated people, remind them of the importance of observing social distancing recommendations and how these benefit in reducing the spread of the virus.

Passive peer pressure, sometimes called unspoken pressure, may have more influence over behavior than active peer pressure. Unspoken pressure may be harder to resist because it can seem easier to go along with the crowd in order to fit in, especially when there’s no explicit pressure to do something. People who don’t feel pushed into something may have a harder time finding an opportunity to refuse.

Strategies to Teach Teens to Deal With Peer Pressure

Set aside a time where you present your teen with a variety of potential situations. For example, they get to the party and there are no parents present or they are offered a ride with someone that has been drinking. Give them time to consider your sample situations and ask them how they would respond. Being there for teens when they are faced with the challenges of peer pressure can make all the difference. Our tweens and teens are listening to us, even if it may not always seem like it.

  • Teens should never feel the pressure to say yes when their gut tells them no.
  • Many people have learned that masks help with environmental allergies and help prevent non-COVID-19 illnesses like regular colds and the flu.
  • Living up to the expectations of others can certainly be draining.
  • Some kids give in to peer pressure because they want to be liked or they think it helps them fit in.
  • Despite these pressures, you may prefer to ease back in or make sure your circle of friends and family are fully vaccinated before meeting up again.

This is a rare emergent epidemic that we can still nip in the bud. At the heart of substance use coercion is a desire for control and power whereby the abusive partner hijacks their partner’s autonomy to enforce dependency. It’s vindictive, humiliating, and also highly effective, representing a vortex of power that draws a person in, leaving them few options. In this respect, substance use coercion is a mutation of the odious “pickup artist” movement, the point at which the target has been fully undermined and psychologically manipulated into submission. These adjoining ideologies are heavily validated by a public that blames survivors for the violence that abusive partners inflict on them and that stigmatizes and supports the criminalization of drug use.

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Given the effects that peer pressure can have on adolescents and teens, it’s important for parents to encourage open communication and help their child prepare for situations of negative peer pressure. See seven tips to help teens avoid negative peer pressure and respond in a healthy way. We have learned that how to deal with peer pressure educating teens about what not to do is not enough. Drug prevention programs that have had success have gone far beyond teaching young people to say no. They tend to teach the “whys” behind avoiding drugs, offer social skills to refuse drugs, and give opportunities to practice those skills over time.

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